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Caravan and Motorhome servicing in 

South Wales

If you are looking to get your caravan/motorhome serviced in Newport and Caerphilly,
get in touch with the experts

at 01495 320111

Caravan/Motorhome Servicing in South Wales


As a caravan or motor home owner, you can appreciate the advantages of maintaining your vehicle in a safe and roadworthy condition.


A full service will keep your caravan or motor home in excellent working order, and enable our specially trained staff at Newbridge Caravans Ltd to diagnose and rectify any minor defects which may occur before they become a problem.


We are fully equipped and conform to the caravan workshop Code of Practice, which has the full backing of The Caravan Club and The National Caravan Council.


A full service history is an essential requirement for warranty claims.


If you wish to discuss any warranty, insurance, servicing or other work, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Fixed Fee Pricing 

  • Caravan service of single axle                           £235   

  • Caravan service of double axle                         £260

  • Motorhome Habitation Service                        £210

  • Gas Service                                                         £110

  • Fridge Service                                                    £110

  • Brake Service Single axle                                  £139

  • Brake Service Twin axle                                     £169

Servicing will include:

Towing Mechanisms


• Coupling head
• Breakaway cable
• Jockey wheel
• Damper
• 12N & 12S 7-pin plugs
• Road Lights




Chassis to body security

Corner steadies

Folding steps

Wheels, Brakes and Suspension

(on caravans only)

• Tyres & pressure

• Grease nipples

• Brake rods & linkages

• Hub bearings & brakes

• Handbrake operation

• Suspension

• Torque wheel nuts

• Spare wheel carrier

• Shock absorbers




• Windows & fittings

• Exterior locks/hinges

• Grab handle

Internal Systems


• Gas system leakage check

• 12V system – internal

• Hob and grill

• Oven

• Fridge

• Door entry

• Central heating

• Air conditioning

• Fire

• Mains 240V AC system

• Smoke alarm

• Roof lights

• Furniture hinges

• All internal vents

Water Systems


• Water heater
• Water pump
• Water system
• Waste system
• Taps/Micro switch
• Water system drained
• Cassette toilet


Damp Test - £110


•Damp Test Full Report

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